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Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest 2011

First Place

Black Tea and Brandy for Jim by Greg Laurenceson

Second Place

Walking Through Morning Web II by Robyn M. Butt

Third Place

Turning Tide by Suzanne Hunter

Honourable Mention

  • A Note from Mom by Barbara Weiler
  • The Visitant by Dorothy Stott
  • The Red Boathouse by Joan Rippel
  • Under the Circumstances by Audrey Seehagen
  • Raven Has My Number by Beth Skala
  • Two Barns by Dorothy Stott
  • Beaver Dam, Bruce Trail, Caledon by Jennifer Footman
  • The Door Leading Nowhere by Ann Margetson
  • Cold Water Feed by Keith Inman

Judge’s Choice:

  • My Life in Shoes by Barbara Weiler
  • Herstory by Patricia Narynski
  • Once or Twice by John Corvese
  • Spring Fever by Lorne Larocque
  • Grandmother Moon by Barbara Irvine
  • Dawn by Don Bennett
  • On a Night Such as This by Greg Laurenceson
  • Statue by Kate Marshall Flaherty