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Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest 2023

First Place

Re-education Centre by Dean Gessie

Second Place

Cape St. Francis by Richard A. Brait

Third Place

Daddy’s Hands by Melanie Flores

Eight Honourable Mentions

  • A MARKED WOMAN by Ronnie R. Brown
  • Valldemossa by Roberta McGill
  • Under the Same Roof (for R) by Donna Langevin
  • Freudian Hopscotch by Gregory Skala
  • Hanging In/On/Out (a senryu series) by Beth Skala
  • Teenagers on Mushrooms and a Beat-Up Ford: A Prairie Pantoum by Charlotte Blair
  • “gastropod” by Dean Gessie
  • A Poem to Hang Your Shirt On by Philip Youden

Nine Judge’s Choice Awards

  • Shoe Cove by Richard A. Brait
  • Georgian Bay by Richard A. Brait
  • Two Cents by Mike Madill
  • Premeditated by Marie Sinclair
  • enveloped by Nancy Daoust
  • In Which Margaret Atwood Consults John Dee on Poetry and the Obsolescence of Language: 1 by Grant Wilkins
  • Toast, snow by Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
  • Fallow by Brenda Gunn
  • Unmuted by Brenda Gunn